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Reaching into your greater self


The Vision

Our vision is to give you a unique radio experience like no other laced with a positive vibe. From the teachings of some of the best holistic coaches around the world, to allowing yourself the chance to break free from those daily stresses life tends to give.

The Music

From trance, ambient, nu-disco, downtempo to meditative sounds - We create the experience for your enjoyment during these unique times.

Put on those headphones and embrace the luxurious sounds of attunement.

Healthy Recipes

The healthiest recipes from Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern and many many more from across the globe. Sit back and enjoy .

Outdoor Meditation
Yoga at Home

Create your own show

Music, Life Coaches, Teachers, Holistic Connections

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for

good health."

 Dalai Lama

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